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Kathleen Shove, RN, BSN

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Fax 413/637-0087

May News:

Outdoor safety: Please remember to check for ticks when coming in from outside. Check behind ears, along hairline, neck, armits, behind knees and toes. Good practice to shower within 2 hours of coming inside and change out of outdoor clothing right away.

The health office will be continuing to complete vision screenings for students in 1-5th, hearing screenings for students in Kindergarten-3, and posture screening for 5th grade.

Summer clothing:The Health office is always willing to take donations of clothing for students who may need to change: Shorts, t-shirts, socks, unused underware

We continue to be vigilent regarding illness in school. The state Department of Public Health has reviewed the recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding isolation strategies from 3/1/24 for respiratory viruses, including COVID-19. The Department of Public Health has updated its recommendations for the general public to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses in alignment with this guidance. The link to this is at Massachusetts Department of Public Health Guidance on Respiratory illness

Healthcare Suggestion of the Month

Students with belly aches: Prevent constipation

  • Encourage drinking extra water

  • Increase fiber- suggestions: apples, popcorn, berries, peas, grain cereals. advocado

  • Schedule time for student for potty breaks: Set a 5 minute timer and book to read

  • Extra exercise and movement

  • Watch dairy intake and reduce if concerned with constipation

Board of the Month

Morris Health Policies:

  • Students with a fever must stay home a minimum of 24 hours without medication

  • Students with a strong or a persistent cough need to stay home till symtoms are milder

  • Do not send students with over-the-counter medication in their backpacks

All medications need to be handed to the nurse by a parent/adult