ELA Curriculum


Reading & Writing Curriculum

Reading instruction at Morris School encompasses the five areas of reading outlined by the National Reading Panel. Children in grades K-3 acquire phonemic awareness and phonics skills sequentially and systematically through Wilson Fundations, a research-based, multi-sensory phonics program. Through small group reading instruction, children in grades K-2 are taught word-solving techniques, how to key in to interesting words, and how to monitor and apply comprehension and meta-cognitive strategies as they read. In grades 3-5, children engage in vocabulary and word study activities that emphasize common roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Reading instruction in all grades is coordinated by a certified reading specialist and is aligned with topics identified by the Massachusetts Common Core standards. Reading instruction in all classrooms is supplemented by a sustained silent reading choice time at every grade level.

The Lenox writing program emphasizes the process of writing starting with its basics in kindergarten. With the adoption of Common Core Standards, writing instruction in all grades is now targeted at developing the ability to write in narrative (story), expository (informational), and persuasive (or argument) form. Morris is using a model of writing instruction that promotes the use of common graphic organizers for each type of writing throughout the grades.

For further information regarding ELA programs at Morris Elementary School, please contact Mrs. Hanlin-Hochler, Reading Specialist or click the Massachusetts English Language Arts Literacy Framework below.

Massachusetts ELA Literacy Frameworks