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The role of a School Adjustment Counselor is to provide social, emotional, and personal support to students. Students referred are typically experiencing one or more of the following: school failure, difficult peer relationships, family distress, developmental disorders, mental health issues, substance abuse issues, or anxiety, among others. Counseling services are confidential; however, parents are informed if their child will be seen for counseling.


  • Individual counseling

  • Group counseling

  • Family counseling

  • Lunch groups (to facilitate social skills)

  • Observations in the classroom

  • Parent consultation / support / meetings

  • Teacher consultation / support / meetings

  • Consultation to outside service providers

  • Crisis intervention

  • Mediation / Conflict Resolution

  • Home visits

  • Home assessments / Family interviews for Team meetings

  • Referrals to community agencies / services

  • Parent / student trainings (support groups, curriculum based education groups, etc.)

  • Attend elementary, middle school, and high school staffings/team meetings


Referrals for a student can be made in various ways: parent referral, teacher referral, guidance referral, administrative referral, referral through Building Based Support Team or student self-referral.

Morris School Adjustment Counselors

Bethany Persing and Cherilyn Zaretsky

Bethany Persing and Cherilyn Zaretsky

Cherilyn Zaretsky

Morris Adjustment Counselor

413-637-5570 X7404

Bethany Persing

Morris Adjustment Counselor

413-637-5570 X7407

LMMHS School Adjustment Counselors

Picture of Rachel Meczywor and Amy Higgins

Rachel Meczywor and Amy Higgins

Rachel Meczywor

Middle School Adjustment Counselor

413-637-5560 X6313

Amy Higgins

High School Adjustment Counselor

413-637-5560 X6650