Sometimes children come to school with upsets or frustrations and need to work through these upsets with a caring adult. We have an Interventionist, Mrs. Pezze, at Morris School and her job is to help students solve problems. They may be behavioral problems, emotional upsets, or social difficulties with other students. She has an office next to the library where children can discuss these frustrations and issues confidentially.

Mrs. Pezze has an important job because we believe that students are not ready to learn when there are troubling issues on their minds. We also believe that students who make poor behavioral choices need to be actively guided to what will be a better choice the next time. Mrs. Pezze strives to be that caring adult who can respond to behavioral or social issues proactively, before they escalate into bigger problems that may affect the learning of other students.

Mrs. Pezze has other duties in our school as well: She helps to teach the Second Step social skills program. She is a recess and lunch supervisor and she helps supervise arrival, dismissal, and other transition times. She also helps the Principal investigate any reports of bullying that may come to our attention. Once she has met a student in need, she frequently checks-in with kids, allowing her support to be ongoing and effective.

If your child needs help in addressing a problem, or if you have questions or concerns about behavior, friendship trouble, or other issues, Mrs. Pezze is a person to call. She has been the Morris Interventionist for over 12 years and is here to help.

You can reach her at 637-5570 Extension 3118 or at Email Mrs. Pezze.